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Ethio-American Cultural Institute

The Ethio-American Cultural Institute is a non-profit making institute  that admits students of any race, color, national origin, religion and ethnic origin to any of the following programs.

1. Skill Development and Enhancement courses

A large number of immigrants from Ethiopia and other foreign countries live in Houston, Texas and in the United States. Unfortunately, many of these relocated immigrants are struggling in their new environment because of language barriers and culture shock. There are very few resources available to help them integrate into their new communities. Hence, they do not get good jobs and are unable to pursue higher studies. They are forced to live a hand-to-mouth existence. Therefore, the College offers ESL, GED and Computer Literacy Classes to help these and other immigrants.
These programs are designed for all applicants who are not qualified to take college-level English and math, or who do not have basic computer skills.

2. Ethiopian Languages & Cultures Studies

A large number of immigrant Ethiopian parents are concerned that their US born children would lose touch with Ethiopian languages and traditions. Most parents are unable to communicate with their own children and teach them their languages and cultures in this new country. Therefore, the College offers courses on Ethiopian languages (Amharic, Geez, Tigrigna, Oromigna, Guragina and other local languages), Ethiopian Art, Ethiopian Music, Ethiopian Culture (beliefs, customs, practices, and social behavior), Ethiopian Food Preparation and Serving, and Ethiopian Literature.

The College believes that Ethiopian studies would benefit all friends of Ethiopians, including tourists who are planning to visit Ethiopia. Moreover, this College will help people develop the right and upright Culture there by becoming near and dear to God.

You can register for any of these classes. Please do not hesitate to contact the director of admissions for more information:

Kesis Endale A. Ashagrie, PhD
Director of Admissions
12129 Lemon Ridge Ln.,
Houston, TX 77035
Tel: (832) 609 9792