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Saint Mary Theological College and Ethio-American Cultural Institute is a higher educational institute of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. It is located in Houston, Texas with a very good virtual campus offering a comprehensive learning experience to clergies and laities. We are committed to work out our vocation at one of the most difficult yet promising endeavor of American identity. We offer a variety of courses ranging from Orthodox Theology, Counseling, Skill Development and Enhancement courses, Ethiopian Languages & Cultural studies. We simultaneously address questions of spiritual nurture, social service and cross-cultural innovation.

While we share an affinity with Orthodox Theological Institutions, we also maintain an access policy, by which we evaluate prospective students by their academic qualifications, past experience and accomplishments.

Saint Mary Theological College and Ethio-American Cultural Institute is a dynamic institute. We offer the Courses via technology, maximizing accessibility by removing the barriers of location and time. Our online Distance Education courses and services are of the highest quality and are delivered in a timely and student-oriented manner. Our highly qualified teaching staffs include Theologians and scholars of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and other Oriental Orthodox Churches who hold different MA and PhD degrees from numerous highly recognized Universities across the globe. Both students and instructors are from different countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and Africa and Australia. Our College allows students to be a part of an international academic community that has a diverse and energetic approach towards its Degree and Certificate programs. We hope you will consider the Ethiopian Orthodox Theological College to be part of your academic and spiritual destination.

Our Mission

Our mission is to send out into the church, the nation and the world a steady stream of committed Christians, who will inculcate a Christian attitude in the people and communicate Christian life and faith to the contemporary world.

We run Oriental Orthodox Christian theological education and Ethio-American cultural studies. We help people develop the right and upright Culture there by becoming near and dear to God. We also promote inter-religious dialogues and ecumenical endeavors.

Our Vision

With God’s help and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Saint Mary Theological College and Ethio-American Cultural Institute plans to be the premier center of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Theological Studies and Ethio-American Cultural studies. Since the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has a large number of followers and rich religious and cultural heritages, we expect this College to become a center of advanced Theological studies and research for the Oriental Orthodox Churches and the whole Christendom where students of other churches and traditions come for further studies and research.

Our Objectives

To fulfill its Mission and Vision, the College has set forth the following objectives:

  • To study the Bible and other religious literature with an understanding of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.
  • To train qualified teachers of Religion and Morals who would interpret the Orthodox Christian faith in a way which would be more meaningful and acceptable to the contemporary man and society; and relate the Orthodox Christian faith to the problems of modern life, and would thereby meet the present day challenges to Religious faith and foundation of morals;
  • To train missionaries and educators who would preach the Orthodox Christian faith throughout the nation and the entire world.
  • To send out into the society educationally, spiritually and morally disciplined persons to guide their fellow human beings in realizing their moral responsibility and integrity in modern society, which is beset exclusively by the pursuit of material well-being and all its consequent anxiety, worry, and sense of insecurity.
  • To help the Orthodox Christians understand and practice the faith in the particular historical and cultural context and should also help men face their own particular problems.
  • To guide people in realizing their moral responsibility and integrity in life; and to undertake the ministry of social concern for and uplift of the poor and downtrodden, the hungry, the diseased and the illiterate. i.e. to help in the formation of healthy communities of morally sound citizens; to strengthen people in the values of their faith in order that they may fulfill their role in society;
  • To help the community by providing various skill development and enhancement courses; and offering courses on Ethiopian languages and culture.